Phase Lock

Last update: March 22, 2005

When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is Phase Locked.
Temporary phase lock is intentional and part of the organic design of manifestation.

Inherent to the organic human design, is the ability to consciously release oneself from dimensionalized phase lock.

Merkaba fields are the energetic ‘organs’ by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, and they are also the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock.

Merkaba fields enable us to move (which in reality is to expand) into the next set of dimensional fields of existence (Identity) and progressively ascend.

Not all Merkaba teachings offered at this time achieve this positive outcome and this is why there is such an emphasis and thorough detail given on Merkaba mechanics within the MCEO teachings.



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Last update: March 22, 2005

Refers to a being who does not eat but draws nourishment directly form the atmosphere in which it is placed.

(Voyagers II – Page 266)

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Stream of Consciousness

Last update: March 22, 2005

The Seed of Consciousness relates to the origin of all manifestations and incarnations and retains its original integrity of design in all ways.

Once it reaches individuation it enters the 'Time Matrix' upon an energetic projection which we would call 'a Stream of Consciousness.

This Stream of Consciousness represents a specific signature of energy (electrotonal units of consciousness referred as Geomancies and Fire Letters) that retains the original identity set within the original Seed of Consciousness, or permanent atom.

The Stream of Consciousness can thus be viewed as a constant stream of light and sound energy composed of Geomancies, Fire Letters and Standing Scalar Waves through which the pulse of God Mind perpetually spirals consciousness into individualization and manifest form.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts. Page 6)

When this consciousness enters the dimensionalized structures of the Time Matrix its original arrangement of Fire Letters begins to change.

The original Stream of Consciousness and Fire Letters arrangements break down, fragmenting its consciousness through the dimensional scale producing new forms of individuation. This process is called Stair Step Creation.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts. Page 7)

The clear cut path of Evolution is then a 'simple' case of rebuilding the original fire letter scalar wave design of the original Seed of Consciousness and of the Stream of Consciousness.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts. Page 8)

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Monad  (God-Seed)

Last update: March 22, 2005

The Monad Identity is the portion of the multi-dimensional mind that corresponds to the 8th Dimension and the God-Seed, the center of the Over-Soul Matrix and the Betcha Hova Body, through which the Hova Bodies and Identity levels in the Time Matrix connect to the God-Seed through the Hova Bodies stationed within the Energy Matrix.

The Monad is a 3-dimensional scalar grid (Hova Body) that houses the Over-Soul Gestalt Identity in dimensions 7, 8 and 9 (HU-3) and that simultaneously exists as a fixed pattern of tonal vibration within the God-Seed, within which the scalar grids of the 8 Hova Bodies reside.

The Monad Identity of D-8 is the central control consciousness for the Over-Soul Matrix-Betcha Hova Body.

Through Anchoring the Monad, to expedite the process of Over-Soul Integration, the scalar grid of the 8th-Dimensional Monadic Mind is brought progressively into merger with the 5th-Dimensional Archetype Mind and the 2nd Dimensional Emotional Mind - which realigns distortions in the 7th Dimensional Ketheric Mind, the 6th Dimensional Angelic Mind, the 5th Dimensional Archetype Mind, 4th Dimensional Astral Mind, 3rd Dimensional Mental Body, 2nd Dimensional Emotional Body and 1st Dimensional Cellular and Etheric Body.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 32)

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Last update: March 22, 2005

Also called Oversoul or The Galactic Core. Corresponds to the 8th dimensional level of consciousness.

(See: Oversoul Matrix)

(The Amenti Series I Classes – Workshop)

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Last update: November 26, 2004

Usually a, a soul (Soul Matrix), HU-2 identity, manifest into 12 simultaneous incarnations, two in each of the six time cycles in one Harmonic Universe (HU). In each pair of incarnates, one is male, the other female; this relationship is referred to as "Twin Flames", but does not necessarily imply a romantic "soul mate" involvement.

(See: Reincarnational Identity)

(Voyagers II – Page 148)

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Identity (Identity Levels - Multi-dimensional Anatomy)

Last update: March 22, 2005

Human Identity and biology come into being as a projection of consciousness from the collective Cosmic Morphogenetic Field Identity (a massive gestalt of consciousness identity which is referred to by many names; God, Source, Prime Creator, Great Central Sun, etc, etc)

Human identity comes into being as a projection of consciousness arising form "God Consciousness". (God Source)

(See: Family Tree of Consciousness)

As a result of a projection of consciousness which produces and subsequently manifest in the Morphogenetic Field (MF) of the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix systems.

The stream of consciousness through which humanity manifests emanates from the Scalar Grid or Scalar Field entering the 15-Dimensional system through the 8D (8th Dimension) portal (See: Monad), subsequently spreading upward and downward through all Dimensions of the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.

This directly creates the morphogenetic blue print of the human multi-dimensional form.

The blue print of human consciousness follows that of all dimensional systems; consciousness is broken down into 5 sets of 3 dimensions forming separate, but interwoven morphogenetic bodies of light and sound within which portions of consciousness are carried.

The 5 (3 dimensional) bodies of human anatomy - called Hova Bodies - representing distinct portions of identity and awareness, then manifest in "time".

Each has multiple expressions of identity in which singular identities and biologies are created.

Each corresponds to different aspects of the human body and psyche.

The 5 dimensionalized bodies (Hova Bodies) are storehouses of all human consciousness; though conscious physical identity is primarily located in D3 (dimension 3); intuitive identity in D2, and subconscious identity in lower D2 and D1.

This illustrates as how dimensions act as Scalar Grids. (better understood as bands of frequency where portions of multi-dimensional identity are stationed.)

Understanding human nature requires more than just understanding the lower dimensions - simply due to the fact that true human anatomy is comprised by a multi-dimensionalized structure bridging various expressions of conscious identity.

Therefore, incarnate identity exists as one part of a large identity gestalt stationed in the higher bodies.

(See: Reincarnational Identity)

Higher dimensional identities represent more energy, and therefore more conscious awareness, than lower identities, representing the super conscious aspects of mind and being.

This consciousness in unseen, but IS manifest; each aspect simply lies beyond the human perceptual range (wherein lie the additional seven 'senses').

The true process of human evolution is concerned solely with the incarnates' expansion of perceptual consciousness into higher dimensional fields which are outside the perceptual range of the human incarnate identity.

(See: Identity Integration)

Nevertheless, it is correct to assume that the physical body and biological form is construed from the same energetic substance that the entire multi-dimensional self is made from; the conscious, electrotonal scale/grids of the multi-dimensional, morphogenetic anatomy.

The higher bodies manifest as a direct function of human DNA; the content of which determines the life path, and circumstances, and contour, of conscious awareness that will manifest in each incarnation

Higher bodies govern the blueprint on which human experience manifest as physically incarnate experience.

Merging these bodies (identities) represents the key to spiritual enlightenment, opening incarnate perception to higher level of consciousness.

This means progressively transmuting physical existence into progressively less dense states of matter (Density Level) - finally integrating all its dimensional parts, ultimately returning to its original state of pure consciousness identity..

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Lecture Transcripts. Page 3, 4)

Every person has a unique identity and individualization which lies outside of all time/space dimensions.

This identity is called 'the Seed of Consciousness' - the original point of origin, the spark or ember of God, the Permanent Atom.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Lecture Transcripts. Page 6)

When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is Phase Locked.


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Multi-Vector Consciousness

Last update: November 25, 2004

Multi-vector Consciousness represents simultaneous perception of and interaction with numerous Incarnational, Soul and Over-Soul Identities within various space-time positions in the Time Matrix.

(See: Dolar Matrix or Avatar Identity)

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Page 23)

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Last update: November 25, 2004

The purpose of receiving Ordinations is to expedite DNA Activation.

The process is performed by someone who has the ability to run specific frequencies. This individual will connect with the Soul of the individual desiring Ordination and ask permission to continue with the ordination.

Once permission has been given then a frequency bridge will be created between the person desiring Ordination and their Highest God Seed Self.

The Highest God Seed Self will send the energies into the person being Ordained via the one doing the Ordination to release the Cranial-Sacral Seals in Chakras 2 and 8, the Will Centers, so that the individual will be able to bring those frequencies in on their own.

A Level One "Minister" is one who has accepted Ordination through the Melchizedek Cloister (MCEO) by which the Rishi Level of personal identity is bonded to, and activated within, the DNA - to begin the process of activating DNA strands 4-6 for the process of Alphi Hova Body merger and Soul Integration, through which Soul Awareness embodies within the physical body.

A Level Two "Rab'nai" is one who has accepted Ordination through the Melchizedek Cloister (MCEO) for the purpose of accelerating the process of Higher Identity embodiment, by which the Over-Soul Identity begins to integrate with the conscious personality for acceleration of the Soul and Over-Soul integration process and merger of the Betcha Hova Body.

The Level Two Ordination begins the activation of the 7-9th DNA strands, which allows the individual to become a transmitter of the Silicate Matrix Imprint, and thus to conduct the Level 1 Ordination for others.

Level Three "Regent" is one who is born with a contract to embody as a full Avatar during the present incarnation. Avatar Contracts, which represent activation of DNA strands 10-12, are decided prior to birth in agreement with the Higher Councils lo Light (Meta and Ultra-terrestrial Identity Gestalts from dimension 13th the Eckatic Level - see: Energy Matrix)

Not everyone has such contracts of Avatar embodiment. One can awaken to Avatar Contracts through working through the previous levels of Ordination. It is between "you and God."

Avatar embodiment represent merger of the Mahara Hova Body and expansion into the "Christed" identity level.


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Superconscious Mind

Last update: March 22, 2005

The second triadic identity of the multi-dimensional identity structure which exists within the dimensions 4, 5 and 6 (D-4 through D-6) frequency bands of Harmonic Universe 2, (HU-2).

The key functions of the Superconscious Mind – The Group Soul Matrix – are:

Creation of experiential templates and individual identities in HU-1,

Serves as the creative intelligence behind the manifestation of individual identities and experiential events in HU-1.

Composed of Partiki units and Keylons, it exists as a minute crystalline blueprint within and surrounding the matter in HU-1 and HU-2 and serves as the creative intelligence behind and within sets of 12 physical bodies/identities/incarnates that exist in different space-time locations within HU-1.

The Soul Matrix is composed of dimensional frequency bands 4-6 and it holds the templates for biological manifestation, life purpose and experiential dramas within the lower dimensional fields of HU-1.

The Superconscious Mind of the Soul Matrix replicates itself through electromagnetic fission then fragments the replica of its consciousness into sets of 12 individuated identities that become singular biological incarnational identities, which are simultaneously placed within the space-time fields of HU-1.

Each of the 12 identities in an HU-1 set or “soul family” are directly connected to each other and to the original Superconscious Mind through the Morphogenetic Keylontic structure of the Soul Matrix.

The Soul Matrix holds the developmental evolutionary blueprint and memory for each of its HU-1 incarnates and serves to guide the HU-1 incarnational personalities to their highest evolution through information communicated via electrical impulses sent into the HU-1 body through the Instinctual Mind.

Within the Soul Matrix the memory of the purposes and intentions for each individual HU-1 life is stored as well as the memory of the greater purpose and intentions for the set of 12 simultaneous incarnations.

Each HU-1 incarnate has free will and can choose to override the impulses sent to it by the Soul Matrix, but the highest evolution and greatest fulfillment of the incarnate comes from following the directives of the Superconscious Mind.

The Superconscious Mind represents the creative and organizational component of mind through which the individual identity is imbued with purpose, intention, motivation and the literal life-force energy through which the HU-1 body is sustained.

Embodiment of the Soul Matrix through the evolutionary process of Soul Integration allows the lower dimensional components of mind to fully assimilate into an advanced state of consciousness through the identity recognizes the plural nature of its simultaneous existence in various dimensions and space-time locations.

The Soul Matrix identity manifest as a singular, less dense matter body within the frequency fields of HU-2 and experiences HU-1 incarnates as Cellular Memory of its smaller, simultaneous manifestations the exist in HU-1.

The incarnate identity was designed to expand back into the Soul Matrix identity following death or transmutation of the HU-1 physical body.

The Soul Matrix and Superconscious Mind connect the HU-1 incarnate and the HU-2 Soul Body to the higher dimensional levels of identity and to the original Geomantic Entity Gestalt that exists eternally beyond dimensionalization.

The Soul Matrix – Superconscious Mind connects directly to the Over-Soul Matrix Causal Mind of HU-3 (dimensions 7, 8, and 9).

The Superconscious Mind represents the portion of your personal identity that holds the awareness of “who I was before I came here” and why you, as a consciousness, choose your particular incarnation.

It is connected to the astral identity, the group Incarnational Soul and also to the race mind, species mind and planetary consciousness, as well as to the mind networks of you and your incarnational selves that exist within parallel universes systems. It represents the collective consciousness of your Archetypal identity that knows itself as a singular-being-composed-of-many within the less-dense matter fields of HU-2.

The Superconscious Mind contains the D-4 Astral Mind, the D-5 Archetypal Mind and the D-6 Angelic (Celestial) Mind.

The Superconscious Mind of the Soul Matrix is primarily associated with the frequency bands of D-4, D-5 and D-6, the Astral, Archetypal and the Angelic awareness, DNA strands 4, 5 and 6, Chakras 4, 5, an 6 and the Astral (fourth level out from the physical body), Archetypal (fifth level out) and the Angelic (6th level out) levels of the bio-energetic field (auric field).

(Voyagers I – Page 141)

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Subconscious Mind

Last update: March 22, 2005

Corresponds to part of the Incarnate Matrix stationed and composed of the frequency band of dimension 1. (D-1)

The key functions of the Subconscious Mind – Body consciousness and Cellular Memory Facility – are:

Data Storage. Stores perceptual imprints form various Components of Mind and stores directional impulses from Superconscious Mind (Soul Matrix), through which the body receives its operational “orders” from the Soul Matrix.

Composed of Partiki units and Keylons, it exists as a minute crystalline blueprint within the cellular structure (Cellular Memory) of the body and serves as a memory storage facility and regulator of the body’s autonomic functions.

The Subconscious Mind is the portion of your personal identity that manifest as the physical body form and the crystalline blueprint within the molecular structure. It represents the “Body Consciousness.”

The Subconscious Mind translates energy signatures form the Unified Field of energy into perceptual data such as light, sound, taste, smell, touch, temperature, objectified form and linear passage of time.

Working co-creatively with the other Components of Mind, the Subconscious Mind creates the holographic illusion of 3-dimensional matter, objectified space and linear passage of time.

The Subconscious Mind translates thoughts, ideas and beliefs into Keylontic Symbol Codes of light (Light-Symbol Codes), sound and electromagnetic standing wave patterns that directs the morphogenetic field Keylon structure of the body.

Thoughts will thus affect the health or disease of the body, as their biological Keylontic translations will either assist or impede the flow of energy between the body, the personality and the Soul Matrix. The Reasoning Mind can use Keylontic Symbol Codes to direct the process of the Subconscious Mind and body and to access information stored in the Cellular Memory.

The Subconscious Mind is primarily associated with the frequency bands of D-1, the physical body, the first DNA strand, the base Chakra and the Etheric Body (first level out from the physical body) level of the bio-energetic field (auric field).

(Voyagers I – Page 138)

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Instinctual or Emotional Mind

Last update: March 22, 2005

Corresponds to part of the Incarnate Matrix stationed and composed of the frequency band of dimension 2. (D-2)

The key functions of the Instinctual Mind – Emotional and Intuitive Facility – are:

Data Relay. To relay directional electrical impulse and information from the Soul Matrix/Superconscious Mind into Cellular Memory storage within the body/Subconscious Mind.

Composed of Partiki units and Keylons, it exists as a minute crystalline blueprint within and surrounding the body and serves to draw information in the form of electrical impulse from the Soul Matrix into the Subconscious Mind/Cellular Memory.

The instinctual behavior of animals occurs through a similar process of information “downloading” from the collective species Soul Matrix into the Cellular Memory.

Originally the human Instinctual Mind was intended to hold the individuated identity into place while keeping the identity intimately connected to the Soul Matrix and to the guiding impulses of the Superconscious Mind/Soul Matrix.

Due to ancient DNA manipulations of the human gene code the electrical impulses from the Soul Matrix are unable to fully process into the Cellular Memory of the body. The impulses “pool” within the bio-energetic field creating an area of disorganized, chaotic energy between the body, personality and Soul Matrix.

This area of chaotic energy represents the first level of dream reality that the consciousness will encounter as it disassociates from the Body Consciousness during sleep.

The Instinctual Mind sets the organizational sequence of memory, as it will be programmed into the body. Due to the present DNA distortion within the Instinctual Mind memory of multi-dimensional experience, dream reality and cognition of the Superconscious Mind/Soul Matrix is jumbled with Cellular Memory and appears fragmented to the Reasoning Mind.

Repression of emotion and intuition contribute to the distortion of the Instinctual Mind and can create exaggerated physical, emotional, psychological and memory distortions within the identity.

Keylontic Science techniques can be used to “side step” the area of chaotic energies within the Instinctual Mind to create clearer memory retrieval, dream recall and communication between the body/Subconscious Mind, Reasoning Mind and the Superconscious Mind.

Keylontic DNA realignments and activations can be used to correct the genetic distortion of the Instinctual Mind.

The Instinctual Mind is primarily associated with the frequency bands of D-2, the emotional-intuitive awareness, the second DNA strand, the second Sacral Chakra and the Emotional Body (second level out from the physical body) level of the bio-energetic field (auric field).

(Voyagers I – Page 139)

Human Emotion is the key to human “salvation,” for it is through the perceptual structures of the emotional facility the truth can be discerned. (see HSP)

(Voyager I – Page 90, 99,100)

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Reasoning Mind

Last update: March 22, 2005

Corresponds to part of the Incarnate Matrix stationed and composed of the frequency band of dimension 3. (D-3)

The key functions of the Reasoning Mind – Logical and Rational Facility – are:

Data Assimilation, Translation and Manifestation. Assimilates electrical impulse data from other Components of Mind, translates these impulses into patterns recognizable to the walking personality and assist in the holographic projection/manifestation of electrotonal Keylon Codes from Cellular Memory into externally perceivable reality.

Composed of Partiki units and Keylons, it exists as a minute crystalline blueprint within and surrounding the body and serves to synthesize and translate data from other Components of Mind into a holographic representation of external, 3-simensionally perceivable reality.

It is intended to allow the identity to observe and experience the illusion of matter-density and to perceive and interact with objectified space, time and form.

The Reasoning Mind also assists the Superconscious Mind/Soul Matrix in the manifestation of the biological organism and serves to direct many functions within the Subconscious Mind/body and the Instinctual Mind/emotions and intuition.

The Reasoning Mind was designed to assimilate electrical impulses from all fields of perception into a solidified and coherent picture that allows for the experience of individuated biological identity within the framework of spade-time-matter.

It is a synthesizer of energy, translator of Keylontic Codes and projector of holographic imagery. Part of the Reasoning Mind utilizes the physical brain and neurological structure.

Portions of the Reasoning Mind exist within the structures of the Body Consciousness and work co-creatively with the Subconscious Mind. Other portions of the Reasoning Mind exist within the Instinctual and the Superconscious Mind of the Soul Matrix.

The Reasoning Mind is multi-dimensional and it is simultaneously focused with the Four Components of Mind. It represents the organizational aspect of mind through which perceptual data from all Components of Mind can be brought together into a coherent reality picture.

The “ego/conscious personality” represents the portion of the Reasoning Mind that is primarily focused within the frequency bands of the third dimension, which “looks out upon the illusion of matter-space-time.”

The “Dream self/higher self” and the “Astral self” represents the portions of the Reasoning Mind that are interwoven with the Superconscious Mind within the Soul Matrix.

They serve to assimilate higher dimensional experience and information into terms comprehensible to the ego identity.

Due to genetic distortions and the present level of genetic evolution, humans must disassociate the consciousness form the ego and body during sleep, in order to have full conscious focus within the body of the Dream self, Astral self or Soul Matrix.

The Intuitive-self represents the portion of the Reasoning Mind that is intertwined with the Instinctual Mind and emotional body, which serves to unite the physical body/Cellular Memory/Subconscious Mind with the higher dimensional levels of identity.

The Dream self/higher self, the Astral self and the Intuitive-self represent portions of the Reasoning Mind that operate, experience and perceive simultaneously with the Ego self, whether or not the ego is consciously aware of these perceptions.

Information gained through the various portions of the Reasoning Mind can become available to the ego/personality if the ego accepts its responsibility for being the conscious director of energy that it was intended to be.

The ego can build a bridge between the Dream/higher self, the Intuitive-self and the Astral self through learning to expand its attention and working with Keylontic Science.

As the ego begins to assimilate the other portions of the Reasoning Mind, the seeming barriers between the Dream self, Astral self, Soul Matrix and Body Consciousness will begin to dissolve. When fully assimilated the Reasoning Mind will have conscious multi-dimensional perception and the ability to direct the Subconscious and Instinctual Minds (and the physical body, emotions and intuition that manifests through the “lower minds”) through conscious interaction with the Superconscious Mind of the Soul Matrix.

The Reasoning Mind is primarily associated with the frequency bands of dimension 3 (D-3), the logical-rational mental awareness, the third DNA strand, the third Solar Plexus Chakra and the Mental Body (third level out form the physical body) level of the bio-energetic field (auric field).

(Voyagers I – Page 140)

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Family Tree of Consciousness

Last update: March 22, 2005

The structure of the 6 primary levels of Multidimensional Identity represents a literal Family Tree of Consciousness through which all humans are connected to each other, all other life forms, the Universes, the Cosmos and Source Mind – one Mind (“God”)

The 6 primary levels of Identity are:

1)   The Incarnate Identity – Tauren (See: Incarnate Matrix)
2)   The Soul Identity – Dora (See: Soul Matrix)
3)   The Oversoul Identity – Teura (See: Oversoul Matrix)
4)  The Avatar Identity – Dolar (See: Dolar Matrix)
5)   The Rishi Identity – Solar (See: Solar Matrix)
6)   The Gemantic Entity – Geomancy (See: Yunasai Matrix)

From the perspective of the Incarnate Identity (HU-1) the process of evolution is the process of incorporation all 6 levels of multi-dimensional identity into the conscious cognition of “I am…”

The first step in awakening multi-dimensional identity is to bring the Soul Matrix (the HU-2 Superconscious Mind) into conscious recognition within the biologically focused personality. This process is called Soul Integration.

(Voyagers I – Page 137)

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Antakarana  (Universal Kundalini)
Last update: March 22, 2005

9 levels of polarized electro-magnetic energy frequency that form 3 currents (Life Currents) of 3-dimensional energy called the Universal Kundalini, which form lower frequency Dimensions 1-9, creating Etheric, Semi-Etheric and Gross-physical Matter Densities.

(See: Kundalini, Kee-Ra-ShA)

(Voyagers II – Page 517)

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